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LIDS stands for leadership in innovation, development and solution.

A design and manufacturing company specialized in areas like development, manufacturing and supply of quality furniture and interior decoration. If you are looking to enhance your living experience, LIDS is the right choice for you.

The company’s founder Engineer Mohibur Rahman and his friends were planning in 2006, how to ensure best service to consumers to raise the standard of living and wished to plan the business within the Islamic frame work. In its consequence, he established a consultancy farm in the same year named “Accord”. Afterward he worked in aboard for few years. The experience he gathered from the projects both in country and abroad, he started a furniture and interior decoration farm named LIDS.

LIDS has the ability to provide professional service in the area of design, project management, evaluating, procurement of furniture and artwork. LIDS strategic partners” Accord Design & Consultant” and “Ekram Hardware


  • To establish a welfare oriented Islamic business and ensure customer satisfaction by providing service excellence and personalized design according to customer ability.
  • Adopt innovative practices to ensure enhancement of living experience without compromising time frame and budget.



  • Striving to achieve high quality product and services.
  • To achieve cost leadership by ensuring price match for product and services.
  • To promote eco-friendly product.
  • To promote use of solar energy, water harvesting system installation and green certified projects and by doing so encouraging insatiable use of natural resources.
  • To strengthen corporate culture.
  • Produce skilled human resource for the country.
  • Arranging seminars on Islamic Business.